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image: TA Instruments ARES strain-controlled rheometer

TA Instruments ARES strain-controlled rheometer

Stress- and Strain-Controlled Rheometry

New state-of-the-art rheology capabilities at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) characterize the flow properties of complex materials, such as adhesives, plastics, elastomers, paints, and gels. SwRI engineers apply this expertise to programs, seeking to understand crystallization kinetics, slip behavior, and more. Engineers also:

  • Measure viscosity or modulus of a sample as a function of shear rate or frequency.
  • Observe changes in viscosity or modulus as a function of time or temperature (from 0 to 200°C).
  • Detect differences in molecular weight and molecular weight distribution between different polymers.
  • Perform stress relaxation and creep evaluations.
  • Evaluate samples using parallel plates, cone and plate, and Couette (cup and bob) geometries.

Texture Analyzer

The texture analyzer is a versatile instrument for observing the large strain deformation of adhesive, food, pharmaceutical, and other samples. Samples can be tested in tensile, compression, or 3-point bends. A Peltier plate provides temperature control between -30 and 80°C. The texture analyzer can also perform peel tests and the Avery test for pressure-sensitive adhesives.

image: TA Instruments AR2000 stress-controlled rheometer

TA Instruments AR2000 stress-controlled rheometer

image: Texture Technologies TA.XT texture analyzer

Texture Technologies TA.XT texture analyzer

Also available at SwRI:

  • Dynamic mechanical thermal analysis (DMTA)
  • Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC)
  • Thermal gravimetric analysis (TGA)

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