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Q as a Lithological/Hydrocarbon Indicator: From Full Waveform Sonic to 3D Surface Seismic

Parra, J.O.,  P.-C., Xu, and  C.L., Hackert, “An Algorithm to Extract Q from Sonic Logs and its Application to a Double Porosity Carbonate Aquifer.” Paper presented at the Society of Exploration Geophysicist Development and Production Forum, Austin, Texas, May 15–19, 2005. [Downloadable viewer] [PPS (22 MB)]

Parra, J.O., C.L Hackert, and P.-C Xu, "Attenuation analysis of acoustic waveforms in borehole intercepted by a sand-shale sequence" Paper presented at SEG International Exposition and Seventy-Fifth Annual Meeting, Houston, Texas, November 6–11, 2005, pp. 388391. [Downloadable viewer] [PPS]

A Methodology to Integrate Magnetic Resonance and Acoustic Measurements for Reservoir Characterization

Parra, J.O., and C.L. Hackert, P.C. Xu, H.A. Collier, and M. Jervis. 2001. "Acoustic and CT Images to Characterize Vuggy Carbonates in South Florida Aquifers: From the Pore to the Field Scales," Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas. [Downloadable viewer] [PPS]

Hackert, C.L. and J.O. Parra. 2001. "Frequency-Dependent Elastic Wave Propagation in Dry and Saturated Vuggy Carbonate Cores: Experiment and Simulation" Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas. [Downloadable viewer] [PPT]

Parra, J.O., C.L. Hackert, H.A. Collier, M. Bennett. 2001, "NMR and Acoustic Signatures in Vuggy Carbonate Aquifers," Transactions of the Society of Petroleum and Well Log Analysts (SPWLA) 42nd Annual Logging Symposium, Houston, Texas.  [Downloadable viewer] [PPS (5 MB)] Photos from South Florida Site.

Parra, J.O., C.L. Hackert, and P.-C., Xu, 2000, "A Model to Relate P-wave Attenuation to Fluid Flow in Fractured Tight Gas Sands," Expanded Abstracts, 70th Ann. Mtg. and Int. Exp., Soc. Expl. Geophys. [Downloadable viewer] [PPS]

Hackert, C.L., and J.O. Parra, 2000, "Relating VSP with Well Logs in the Greater Green River Basin: Amplitude and Interval Velocity," Expanded Abstracts, 70th Ann. Mtg. and Int. Exp., Soc. Expl. Geophys. [Downloadable viewer] [PPS]

Characterization of fractured reservoirs using static and dynamic data: from sonic and 3D seismic to permeability distribution

Hackert, C.L., J.O. Parra, and P.-C., Xu. "Simulation of full waveform dipole sonic logging in vertically fractured formations," at Oil Recovery from Naturally Fractured Reservoirs: Field Studies, Modeling, and Analytic Methods, a technology transfer workshop of the Petroleum Technology Transfer Council, October 16, 1998, Midland, TX. [Downloadable viewer] [PPT, 3.8 MB]

Parra, J.O. "Dispersion of acoustic waves in poroelastic media with azimuthal anisotropy," Poromechanics Meeting, Belgium, 1998. [Downloadable viewer] [PPT, 1.8 MB]

Evaluation of Crosswell Seismic Tomography and Reverse VSP at the Savannah River Site, South Carolina

Parra, J.O., and B.J. Zook, Southwest Research Institute; C. Addington, Tomoseis R.J. Cumbest; Westinghouse Savannah River Co. and V. Price, BDM-Federal. "Crosswell Seismic Imaging at the Savannah River Site, South Carolina" [Downloadable viewer] [PPS]

Evaluation of Interwell Seismic Logging Techniques Using Guided Waves for Gas Reservoir Continuity

Parra, J.O., GRI Annual Project Review Meeting, 1997. [Downloadable viewer] [PPT, 7.8 MB]

SwRI Internal Research Projects

Dynamic Response of a Fractured Tunnel to Seismic Waves

A Study of the Dynamic Response of a Fractured Tunnel to Plane Waves (September 2000). [Downloadable viewer] [PPT]

Results of Numeric Tests and Preliminary Parametric Study (September 2000). [Downloadable viewer] [PPT]

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