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Processing velocity and Q logs from borehole sonic logs

  • VP and QP logs from monopole sonic logs

  • VS and QS logs from dipole sonic logs
    Reference: The Leading Edge (2006), SEG Expanded Abstracts (2004, 2005)


Laboratory ultrasonic simulation of sonic logs using scaled realistic earth-borehole models

  • Fast and slow formations

  • Uniform, layered and other earth models

  • Uniform and irregular borehole caliper

  • Monopole and dipole

  • Iso-offset and multi-offset source-receiver configurations
    Reference: SEG Expanded Abstract (2006)


Synthetic sonic microseismograms and dispersion curves

  • Uniform borehole in uniform, isotropic, viscoelastic formations

  • Uniform borehole in uniform, isotropic, poroelastic formations

  • Uniform borehole in uniform, vertically transversely isotropic (VTI), viscoelastic formations

  • Irregular borehole in layered, vertically transversely isotropic (VTI), viscoelastic formations (available soon)

  • Uniform borehole in horizontally transversely isotropic (HTI), viscoelastic formations with or without single vertical fractures
    References: Geophysics and JASA papers


Interpretation of sonic logs (available soon)

For more information about our reservoir geophysics research services and capabilities, or how you can contract with Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), please contact Jorge O. Parra, Ph.D., at jparra@swri.org or (210) 522-3284.




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