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Circuit Card Assembly for High Reliability and Mission Critical Applications

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SwRI’s provides state of the art circuit card assembly to NASA, DoD, ESA, and commercial clients on over 65 missions.

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Highly automated fabrication process ensures repeatable high quality circuit cards meeting the most rigorous manufacturing standards.

Southwest Research Institute’s comprehensive circuit card assembly capabilities provide a high reliability service for space and military electronics production.

SwRI features a AS9100 certified state of the art circuit card assembly facility utilizing a highly automated manufacturing process to achieve a repeatable, high quality product. SwRI’s fabrication facilities have extensive experience in high density circuit cards utilizing advanced SMT components, including BGAs and CGAs (up to 1752 columns) for space flight applications. The automated processes also support the production of circuit cards possessing heavy thermal handling capabilities and the unique challenges of those technologies.

An important aspect of SwRI’s manufacturing capabilities is a unique understanding of the challenges associated with low volume, mission critical military and space electronics fabrication. SwRI’s fabrication team is experienced in working with a client’s engineering team to understand and resolve challenges inherent in the production of new or novel systems. The ability to work collaboratively with engineering staff to resolve issues in real time is a core capability differing from the approach of large bulk-manufacturing organizations.

SwRI’s fabrication staff of skilled technicians average 20 years of experience and all certified to NASA 8739 standards.

Circuit Card Assembly Facilities and Processes

  • Automated pick-and place machine capable of placing parts as small as 0402 package sizes with component measurement and traceability capabilities
  • Automated screen printing for consistent solder paste application
  • State of the art, three dimensional solder paste inspection system ensuring proper deposition and volume of solder paste – critical for CGA installations
  • Two vapor phase reflow systems for production of surface mount components in a safe, thermally stable and inert environment
  • Two selective solder systems providing an automated and controlled solder process for through-hole components

Contract Manufacturing Vehicles

SwRI provides a flexible and responsive contracts interface, including the following contract vehicles, to meet the needs of external clients.

  • Government or commercial subcontracts
  • Purchase orders
  • Time and materials contracts
  • Firm fixed price contracts
  • Cost plus contracts

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