HF & V/UHF Tactical Communications Intelligence (COMINT) Products
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Land & Airborne Systems
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Jason L. Aley, PMP
Maritime Systems
Tactical Products
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A vast array of HF and V/UHF tactical communications intelligence (COMINT) products, including antennas, sensors, and systems are provided by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). A system is typically composed of an SwRI antenna and sensor. These tactical products can be deployed on a wide variety of platforms, including vehicles, body worn, manned aircraft, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). The DF antenna array selected is based on the deployment platform. The systems are designed around commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware, and thus offer maximum modularity and flexibility for tailoring to meet specific user requirements. The systems support both manual and automatic operations and can be monitored and tasked locally or remotely. A rich and mature suite of operator interfaces engage the user in system configuration, tasking, monitoring, and maintenance.


  • AF-225        VHF/UHF (50 MHz to 500 MHz) Land-Based/Mobile DF Antenna
  • AFM-450     VHF/UHF (20 MHz to 3000 MHz) Land-Based/Mobile DF Antenna
  • AP-460        Man-Transportable VHF/UHF DF "Tent" Antenna
  • AS-140        Shipboard Single Loop HF Direction-Finding Antenna
  • AS-141        Shipboard Crossed Loop HF Direction-Finding Antenna
  • AS-142        Shipboard HF Monopole Antenna, Low RCS
  • AS-145        Shipboard HF Loop/Monopole DF Antenna
  • AS-420        VHF/UHF (30 MHz to 1000 MHz) Shipboard COMINT ES Antenna
  • AS-420A      TACAN Supporting Shipboard COMINT ES Antenna
  • AS-420B      Low Radar Cross Section VHF/UHF Shipboard DF Antenna, TACAN Supporting
  • AS-420C      VHF/UHF (30 MHz to 3000 MHz) Shipboard COMINT ES Antenna
  • AS-506        ELINT Supporting HF/VHF/UHF Shipboard COMINT ES Antenna
  • AS-506A      HF/VHF/UHF Shipboard COMINT ES Antenna
  • AU-506        Submarine COMINT ES Antenna
  • AVM-350     Cellular/PCS Vehicle/Mobile DF Antenna
  • AVM-375     Low-Profile Vehicle-Mounted Distributed DF Antenna Set
  • AVM-451     Land/Mobile/Shipboard UHF/DF Antenna
  • MPB-475     Body-Worn VHF/UHF DF System


  • MBS-551     HF/VHF/UHF Radio Direction-Finder (RDF) System
  • MBS-567     Wideband H/V/UHF Maritime COMINT System
  • VWM-480    Mobile GSM Geolocation System
  • VWM-590    Miniaturized Mobile DF System


  • AVM-375 + VWM-590 (Ground Mobile COMINT)
  • AVM-350 + VWM-590 (Mobile Cellular/PCS COMINT)
  • AP-460 + VWM-590 (Man Transportable COMINT)
  • AS-420C + MBS-567 (Shipboard COMINT)

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