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Carl F. Popelar, Ph.D.
Mechanics & Materials
(210) 522-4213

Download and Install FlawPRO for a Free Trial Period

Download zipped FlawPRO Installation executable and install, register, and run

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This window will appear after FlawPRO is installed.

Download FlawPRO Documents in .pdf Format

  • FlawPRO User Manual
  • FlawPRO Full-Scale Validation
  • FlawPRO Theoretical Background

Related Terminology

FlawPRO  •  engineering critical assessment  •  ECA  •  flaw extension  •  service fatigue of flawed pipes  •  weld flaws  •  acceptable flaw sizes in welded risers and flowlines  •  reeled pipe  •  ductile tearing  •  high strain loading of flawed pipes  •  low cycle fatigue  •  tear-fatigue  •  full-scale test validation on flawed pipes  •  stress analysis of reeled pipes

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