MicroCT Analysis
Musculoskeletal Biomechanics

bone density analysis

Bone density analysis is performed on whole baboon proximal femurs at high resolution using SwRI’s microCT system.

The X50-CT MicroCT system (North Star Imaging, Inc.) allows high-resolution digital X-ray inspection and micro-computed tomography (microCT) imaging of a wide variety of samples, including musculoskeletal tissue and structures and a variety of polymeric, metallic, and ceramic components.

MicroCT Capabilities

  • Advanced two-dimension (2-D) x-ray inspection
  • 2-D computed tomography (CT) slice reconstruction
  • CT volume reconstruction for three-dimension (3-D) inspection
  • 3-D internal and external surface scanning
  • Measurement and analysis of scanned samples, including morphological and microstructural characterization of partial or whole bone specimens, and dimensional characterization and defect inspection of industrial components
  • Large samples
  • High resolution capability
  • Bone density and quality analysis

Related Terminology

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