Mechanics & Materials

image of microstructural strain field fo a cortical bone section

Microstructural strain field of a cortical bone specimen that was loaded to a macroscopic strain of 1,500 microstrain in the horizontal direction. Peak tissue strain is found to localize around osteocyte lacunae as well as between lacunae where local peri-lacunar strain reaches peaks of over 15,000 microstrain.

The biomechanics program area is focused on applying advanced technology to bone material and mechanical property characterization, developing advanced engineering methods to predict bone fracture risk, and applying innovative technology to investigate and predict pilot spine injury risk in high performance aircraft.

  • Probabilistic injury analysis
  • Bone mechanics

Related Terminology

biomechanics  •  mechanics and materials  •  structural integrity  •  reliability assessment  •  mechanical behavior  •  mechanical characterization, fatigue life characterization  • crack growth  •  corrosion fatigue  •  probabilistic mechanics  •  uncertainty modeling  •  bone fracture  •  bone properties

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