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Mechanics & Materials

The Mechanics and Materials Section has extensive experience in the development and application of advanced methods for component life prediction and probabilistic structural analysis. Many of these advanced methods have been incorporated in licensable software tools with mature graphical user interfaces. To facilitate the application of these tools and the underlying principles to industry, government, and academia, various training courses are offered throughout the year. These courses are typically offered on the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) grounds but are available at client locations should the need arise.

  • Annual Short Course on Probabilistic Analysis and Design with NESSUS® Training
  • Short Course on Probabilistic Analysis and Uncertainty Quantification for Engineering Design: Methods and NESSUS Training
    • Three-day course is intended for engineers, scientists, and technical managers concerned with managing uncertainties in model predictions used to make decisions in the engineering design and evaluation process. Focus is on methods, approaches, and strategies for quantifying uncertainties in model predictions.
    • Date: September 16-18, 2014
    • Location: Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, Texas
    • Contact: David Riha
  • NESSUS Training
    • Course covers basic and advanced training modules available to customize to your organizational needs.
    • Location: Southwest Research Institute or at client locations
    • Contact: David Riha
  • NASGRO® Training
    • Course covers the NASGRO program.
    • Location: Southwest Research Institute or at client locations
    • Contact: Craig McClung, Ph.D.
  • DARWIN® Training
    • Course covers the DARWIN program.
    • Location: Southwest Research Institute or at client locations
    • Contact: Mike Enright, Ph.D.

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