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Plant Engineering Services Section

The Plant Engineering Services Section in the Mechanical Engineering Division provides quick response field services for solving machinery and piping system problems. The staff has extensive experience in compressor and pipeline pulsation control, unsteady and pulsating flow measurement, and machinery diagnostics.

The staff combines custom consultations, extensive field studies, and comprehensive laboratory, analytical and computer-modeling capabilities to rapidly and economically:

  • Characterize machinery problems
  • Diagnose the cause
  • Predict the consequences
  • Assess alternate designs
  • Recommend solutions

A wide variety of field-portable sensors, data acquisition systems, analyzers, and measurement systems of various types are maintained to support work in the field. The staff maintains a "ready to travel" status to support overnight response to critical need situations world-wide for the gas pipeline, paper, and process industries.

The section develops:

  • Remote machinery monitoring systems
  • Sensors for special applications
  • Diagnostic software tools

To learn more about gas turbine technology at SwRI, visit gasturbines.swri.org or visit turbinasdegas.swri.org.

Justin Hollingsworth, Program Manager

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April 15, 2014