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Klaus Brun, Ph.D.
Program Director
Machinery Program
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Specimen Designs

A wide range of specimen designs is available for materials testing.

Material Testing & Evaluation

Static strength, creep, fatigue, impact, fracture toughness, crack growth rate, macro- and micro-hardness, and other testing and evaluation techniques are available in SwRI's extensive laboratories.

Controlled test environments include temperature, humidity, vacuum, high pressure, and immersion in chemically controlled gaseous or aqueous media. Specialized test capabilities include controlled multi-axial stress conditions, strain rates continuously variable from 10-6 to 10-4 s-1, coupled thermal and mechanical testing, programmed spectrum loading, and direct uniaxial loading to 1,650oC (3,000oF).

Sophisticated computer-controlled servo-hydraulic test systems are available, and many physical and thermal-physical property measurements are made according to ASTM standards. Specialized test equipment can be designed and assembled to meet unique test requirements.

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