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Grant O. Musgrove
Senior Research Engineer
Propulsion & Energy Machinery
(210) 522-6517

We provided a feasibility study and analysis of a novel vertical-axis wind turbine for this invention.

Inventions for energy and machinery systems can benefit from a technical review early in the design process. Engineers in the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) Machinery Program can provide verification of your invention.

Our Machinery Program routinely provides design, test, and analysis services for energy and machinery systems. We can verify and test your invention using sound engineering design practice such as a concept review, bench-top testing, detailed computational analyses, and prototype testing. SwRI engineers have provided client assistance for invention verification and testing related to CO2 (carbon dioxide) systems, solar energy, wind energy, building energy systems, and rotating machinery.

Verification Services

  • Conceptual review and feasibility study of the technology
  • Physics-based verification of the invention
  • Proof-of-concept testing and analysis
  • Prototype design and testing

Intellectual Property Services

  • Non-disclosure agreement to protect intellectual property
  • Draft and submittal of invention disclosure
  • Draft and filing of patent application
  • Inventor generally retains patent rights

Testing and analysis are used to verify an invention but can also be useful to improve the invention concept.

For more information about invention verification, or how you can contract with SwRI, please contact Grant O. Musgrove, at or call (210) 522-6517.

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