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Recycle Valve Analysis Results

Dynamic simulations can be used to predict the impact of changing valve size, type and sequencing.

Surge Margin Graph

The compressor surge margin is monitored during the simulation of an emergency shutdown of a four stage compressor. The simulation predicts that two stages will surge, thus system modifications will be investigated until a modification is found that adequately protects the system.

Compressor Map

Dynamic simulations agree well with recorded measurements after they have been tuned to steady state operational data.

For nearly 60 years, Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®) has been involved in pipeline modeling. In the 1950s, SwRI developed a unique analog resistance simulator for the gas transmission and compression industry. Since that time, SwRI has expanded its capabilities in this area using commercially available software while generating and validating computational tools as well and now uses pipeline simulations to help clients all over the world with different needs and applications.

SwRI has used pipeline simulations as an optimization tool in many liquid and gas processes. New designs and equipment selections are usually validated through computational models due to their flexibility, time, and cost. Simulation of an entire pipeline's operating conditions and process before proceeding with the detailed engineering is a very common strategy used on new systems. Simulation analyses usually include detailed validation and tuning against real conditions.

Transient and steady-state flow modeling of pipeline systems and other fluid transient responses are performed at SwRI with a variety of one- and three-dimensional fluid dynamic codes.


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