Mixed Recip/Centrifugal Compressor Station Pulsation Analysis

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Sarah Simons
Research Scientist
Fluid Machinery Systems
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Mixed Compression Station

A mixed compression station

Overview Station Conceptual Drawing

Overview station conceptual drawing




When reciprocating compressors share common headers with centrifugal compressors, pressure and flow pulsations can severely reduce the centrifugal compressor’s surge margin and operating range.  Pipe flow pulsations result in an unsteady operating point of the centrifugal compressor that can periodically cross the surge line.

  • Extends API 618 Pulsation Analysis to centrifugal compressor flanges
  • Predicts unsteady compressor operating map area
  • Determines net effective surge margin reduction
  • Uses GMRC guideline criteria to determine safe operating ranges or adds margin to surge control line
Pulsation Effects Graph

Effect of pulsations on centrifugal compressor operating point





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