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The Rotating Machinery Technologies Group is a part of the Fluids and Machinery Engineering Department at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). This group is internationally known for its expertise in gas turbine technology, rotordynamics, and design audits.

SwRI has helped develop and operate reliable, safe turbo and reciprocating machinery for more than 50 years. The Rotating Machinery Group solves fluid and structural dynamics problems, provides root cause failure analysis expertise, designs and tests machines, offers 24/7 rapid response world-wide field services, and provides design review and auditing services for manufacturers and users of rotating machinery. SwRI combines custom consultations, extensive field experience, with world leading analytical, computational, and test capabilities. SwRI has completed contract work for all major oil and gas, power generation, and manufacturing companies of the world.


SwRI can offer you a full range of capabilities and experience in rotating machinery technologies including becoming an extension of your engineering department. For more information about rotating machinery technologies at SwRI or how you can contract with SwRI, please contact Klaus Brun, Ph.D., at or call (210) 522-5449.


Contact Information

Klaus Brun, Ph.D.

Rotating Machinery Technologies

(210) 522-5449

Jeff Moore , Ph.D.


(210) 522-5812

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