Multiphase Machinery
Test Facility

image: wet gas flow facility at SwRI

The new multiphase machinery facility expands the capabilities of the wet gas-testing program to include larger equipment and other machinery.

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Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is advancing the state-of-the-art in multiphase machinery testing with the construction of a new multiphase machinery test facility. The 6,000-square-foot facility will be operational in 2016.

Current Facility Capabilities

Wet Gas Test Loop
Dry and wet gas compressor testing and component flow testing
Gas Media Air, nitrogen, or carbon dioxide
Liquid Media Water, Exxsol D110
Test Section Pipe Size 6" / 152 mm, Sch 40 max
Pressure Range 14.7 to 500 psia / 1 to 34.4 bara(a)
Temperature Range 70 to 284 °F / 21 to 140 °C(b)
Gas Flow Range 0 to 25,000 scfm / 0 to 42,000 sm3/hr(c)
Liquid Flow Range 0 to 220 gpm / 0 to 50 m3/h
Machinery Configurable centrifugal compressor (up to 4 stages) driven by motor, max speed 14,000 RPM, max power 700 HP/522 kW, direct torque measurement on compressor
(a) Suction pressure is limited to 300 psia.
(b) Suction temperature is limited to 100 °F at 300 psia.
(c) Suction flow rate range for compressor is 300 to 1,400 acfm.
  • Reconfigurable pipe loop to accommodate machinery or flow component testing in multiphase streams
  • Long straight runs of piping to allow for large flow component testing and fully developed flow streams
  • Configurable centrifugal compressor available for multiphase testing including aerodynamic, mechanical, and erosion performance
  • Access to corrosive gas mixtures for corrosion testing of machinery or flow components
  • Flow visualization for ambient pressure compressors

Future Planned Capabilities

  • Double size of high bay and outside equipment pad to allow testing of larger machines
  • Use of natural gas for testing
  • Increase suction pressure range to greater than 1,000 psia (70 bar)
  • Install an electrical drive to provide up to 10 MW for machinery power
  • Incorporate other hydrocarbon fluids for multiphase testing
  • Flow visualization of two-phase flow inside pressurized machinery
  • Expansion to multiphase pump performance testing

SwRI offers a full range of capabilities and experience in testing your machinery or flow components in multiphase fluids. Contact us for more information about multiphase testing at SwRI.

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