Multiphase Machinery

image of Dynamic measurement capabilities allow SwRI engineers to analyze machine mechanical performance in multiphase conditions

Dynamic measurement capabilities allow SwRI engineers to analyze machine mechanical performance in multiphase conditions.

image graph showing how wet gas reduced compressor performance

SwRI test facilities include a high viscosity fluid loop complete with thermal controls to maintain constant fluid viscosities up to 4500 cP.

The Machinery Program at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) combines expertise in process machinery and multiphase fluids to offer extensive services to test, analyze, and improve the performance and reliability of multiphase machinery.

Three Multiphase Test Facilities

  • Multiphase Machinery Facility
  • High Viscosity/Heavy Oil Flow Facility
  • Multiphase Flow Facility

Multiphase Fluids

  • Wet gas mixtures of air, N2, CO2, water, and Exsol D110
  • High viscosity oils (up to 4500 cP)
  • Sand slurries
  • Slug flow and dynamic flow simulations

Measurement Capabilities

  • Standard performance measurements:
    • Pressure
    • Temperature
    • Flow rate
  • Machinery dynamics:
    • Mechanical vibration
    • Axial thrust
    • Shaft torque
    • Dynamic pressure
  • Advanced capabilities:
    • Interstage measurements
    • High-speed flow visualization

Design and Analysis Capabilities

  • Machinery/system design audits
  • Performance analysis
  • Multiphase CFD

Machines operating in multiphase flows are subject to some of the most demanding process conditions. Whether those conditions include a slurry of sand and heavy crude, a mixture of hydrocarbon gas and condensates, or any other multiphase flow, the machine’s performance and reliability are impacted greatly. These performance impacts present numerous challenges to both the machine designer and the operator.

The Machinery Program at SwRI provides a key resource to both the machine designer and the end user to ensure that process machinery performs reliably under all process conditions.

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