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Flight Data Software for Spectra Development and Operational Usage Profiles

AirStats® is a software program designed to provide statistical information about flight-recorded data from military and commercial aircraft. The program replaces less robust mainframe programs and has all the flexibility and on-line help expected from Windows® applications. Program initialization files are used to define the format of the flight-recorded data, as well as to control the methods of data accumulation.

AirStats' graphic user interface (GUI) provides step-by-step screens to solicit input separating the database information -- such as date ranges, aircraft configuration, base location, and data output categories. The GUI permits the user to view the database through tabular or graphic screens; the program can also transfer information to the clipboard for use in other Windows® applications. An extensive on-line help facility includes context sensitive help along with relevant topic help. Several how-to topics are included to assist the user in developing a scenario, analyzing the results, and modifying program features.

Image: Flight data software for spectra development and operational usage profiles.

Luciano Smith, Principal Engineer, (210) 522-6857

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