IQS Inspection Equipment

The state-of-the-art Institute Quality Systems (IQS) Inspection Room is housed in the MFC's modern facility. The Inspection Room [PDF] contains special IQS inspection equipment that is used to ensure all parts are tooled to precise specifications. The IQS inspector assigned to the Inspection Room is an experienced machinist as well as a trained inspector. A list of MFC machine tools may be found on the Machine Tools page.

Inspection Equipment Brand Qty Size/Description
J&L 14″ Optical Comparator 1  
Unitron® Tool Maker Microscope 1  
Sets of Jo Blocks 2 to 24″
Complete sets of Go-No Go Thd Gages 2 to 1-1/4″
Plug Gage 1 to 1″
Differential Amplifier Gage 1  
Granite Surface Plate 1 24″ × 36″
Granite Surface Plate 1 18″ × 24″
    0-24″ Micrometers 
    0-48″ Vernier Calipers
Taylor-Hobson® Surtronic 3 Profilometer 1  
Numerex® Model 2840-24 Coordinate Measuring Machine 1 28″ × 40″ × 24″
Numerex® Model 1312-10 Coordinate Measuring Machine 1 13″ × 12″ × 10″
Brown & Sharpe® Global Image Coordinate Measuring Machine 1 9-15-8
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