Frequently Asked Questions
Telecommunications Equipment Evaluation

Contact Information

Jenny Ferren
Structural Dynamics & Product Assurance
(210) 522-2329

How many frames can I fit in SwRI's Temperature-Humidity chamber?

Up to six frames can fit in the chamber. Heat dissipation can be a factor, as can pallets or frame position requirements. Call a Telecom Test Coordinator to discuss your needs.

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Where can I find SwRI?

SwRI is on the west side of San Antonio, Texas. Please refer to the map for directions.

Does SwRI charge me when I change or move my schedule?

No. Our current policy allows us to make changes or moves to the schedule up to one working day prior to test start. We make every effort to move your schedule to a desired timeframe when you have a delay in test start, or setback during testing.

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Who is the overall Telecom Program Manager?

The contact person for the overall telecom testing program at SwRI is Jenny Ferren. Her contact information is located on the Contact Us page.

What is the role of the Telecom Test Coordinator?

The test coordinator is your single point of contact for the Telecommunications Equipment Test program. This person will handle all aspects of the program, including confidentiality agreements. Having one contact relieves the burden of having to deal with multiple people at a facility. The engineers serving as coordinators have a combined test experience of more than 60 years.

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When is it too late to schedule with SwRI?

It is never too late! Just contact the telecom test coordinator to get the latest information. Due to the nature of testing, our schedules change every day. To satisfy industry demands, SwRI is adding and improving test equipment (see News)

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