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SwRI One of 8 Verizon TCP Participants

Verizon announced that they "named 8 Independent Testing Laboratories (ITL) under a new certification program intended to expedite product-to-market cycles for Verizon's telecommunications equipment vendors, create more economical compliance testing processes, and ensure accurate test reports.

Under the Verizon ITL NEBS Testing Certification Program (NEBS-TCP) Verizon will accept reports for review only from laboratories that have qualified under Verizon's certification standards. The eight laboratories that have been certified thus far are listed below. Verizon will no longer accept results from other testing laboratories when such tests are performed after January 1, 2003. Reports for testing performed prior to January 1, 2003, by any laboratory, will continue to be accepted for review. Under the NEBS-TCP program, Verizon selected laboratories based on their interest in participating in the program, their demonstrated competence in performing such testing, their ongoing training programs, and their certification in nationally recognized quality programs for laboratories. Each lab will undergo an initial quality audit and subsequent periodic audits to assure ongoing quality."

Additional Thermal/Humidity Walk-In Chamber

Additional Walk-In Chamber to be Added Soon!

SwRI has committed funds to add a new environmental chamber to its arsenal of test equipment. The new chamber will be a walk-in type that can accommodate up to six frames of telecom equipment at one time. The chamber will be equipped with an air dryer to assure compliance with NEBS and ETSI low humidity conditions. An uninterruptible power supply is available for maintaining power to client equipment during imminent power glitches. An analog telephone line is available nearby so that client's can access and monitor their equipment remotely during testing. Chamber activity can be controlled and monitored remotely by SwRI personnel.

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SwRI Adds New Equipment to Support Telecom Testing

Additional Earthquake Simulation Facility to be Added Soon!

SwRI has committed funds to add a new earthquake simulation facility to its arsenal of test equipment. The new facility will accommodate 10,000 pounds of static load and will have two uni-axial tables to complement the existing biaxial shaker. Further design details will be available soon.

SwRI Adds New Facility to Support Telecom Testing

New Building Addition and Uninterruptible Power Supply

SwRI has committed to increasing its lab space specifically for servicing the telecom testing initiative. The increased lab area will include an overhead crane, loading dock, staging areas, storage, and several client viewing rooms. Further details will be announced here as they become available.

SwRI added an uninterruptible power supply to its lineup of telecom test equipment. The power supply has a 200 Amp capability that can be upgraded in the future. It is located near a walk-in environmental chamber, so that it can power the client's telecom equipment without interruption during the lengthy (about eight days) operational temperature and humidity testing required by both NEBS and ETSI. The power supply will cut power to the client's equipment, in the event of chamber cooling failure, to prevent the client's equipment from extreme high temperature conditions.

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