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Offshore Marine Operations

Offshore Product Testing

Marine Services Support

Blow Out Preventers
Hydrostatic Tests
Production Pods Diving Systems
Electrical Cable Systems
Bells and Submarines
Flotation and Buoyancy Materials Decompression Chambers
Riser Flotation Collars Composite Structures
Actuator and Valve Assemblies
Operational System
Hydrophone Cables Field Test Services
Pressure Housings Component Tests
Environmental Tests
Temperature Shock/Temperature Cyclic Helium Leak Tests
API/ISO Equipment Tests
Valve Tests -- API6A, APP.F; API17D; 17E; 17J
Tubulars -- API5C3, API5C5, API15HR, API16C
Fiberglass/Composites   Structures/Casing
ASTM Procedures
Testing/Test Procedure Development
Functional and Proof/Ultimate Tests
Developmental Testing
Qualification and Comparative Testing

Joe Crouch, P.E.; Chris Storey; or Al Steiner

Ocean Engineering and Structural Testing Laboratory

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