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Tubular Services

  • API 5C3 collapse tests

  • Full-scale fatigue and fracture testing to four million pounds

  • Downhole and subsea environmental simulation

  • External pressure vessels to 90-inch inside diameter by 20-feet deep and capacity to 30,000 psig

  • Sour gas laboratory capable of high concentrations of H2S, CO2, methane, and other downhole mixture combinations

  • Temperature cycling of downhole connections while subjected to high axial loading, internal gas pressure, and internal spray quenching

  • On-site, real-time, computer-assisted data collection, reduction, and analysis

  • Custom design, fabrication, and installation of specialized tubular product testing equipment

  • Hose and fitting impulse tests

  • Burst tests

Joe Crouch, P.E.; Chris Storey; or Al Steiner

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