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U.S. ARMY TARDEC Fuels & Lubricants Research Facility


Mission Statement


The mission of TARDEC Southwest is to provide the Department of Defense with the best resource for research, design, engineering, development and analysis of current and future fuel, lubricants, and energy technologies.


Column 1 Photo Sequence


Column 2 Photo Sequence


SwRI is developing a fire-resistant fuel for the U.S. Army using a new test site for fuel burns. In the sequence in the left column, an untreated fuel burns out of control in less than a second. Within the same time frame, an emulsion in the SwRI-developed fire-resistant fuel, in the right column, cuts off oxygen to the surface to extinguish the fire.


For more information about the TARDEC Facility at SwRI, contact Gary Bessee at or (210) 522-6941.


Contact Information

Gary Bessee

U.S. Army TARDEC Fuels & Lubricants Research Facility

(210) 522-6941

Related Terminology

fuel research

lubricant research


government-owned contractor-operated



fire resistant technology

biodiesel fuel technology

hydrogen technology

filtration and fine particle technology

synthetic jet fuel

fuel nozzles

fuels and fluids

fuel and lubricant


aviation fuel filters

independent research lab

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August 07, 2014