image of a computerized fluid filter bench test facility.

SwRI characterizes oil, fuel, and hydraulic filter performance and integrity using a computerized fluid filter bench test facility.

Vehicles and equipment frequently encounter contamination that may cause excessive wear, unreliable operation, or complete failure. These harmful contaminants include particulate debris from ingested dust, water, microbiological growth, and lubricating oil soot and wear debris. Filtration products minimize exposure to these contaminants, reducing equipment maintenance costs and downtime.

Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) evaluates filtration performance, solves filtration-related problems, and develops improved filters. With broad capabilities in material sciences, engine design and development, and fuel and lubricant technologies, SwRI provides a significant, single resource to filtration manufacturers, suppliers, and users.

Contamination significantly affects the performance and durability of fuel, air, and lubricant components and systems, especially with respect to automotive safety and vehicle performance. SwRI uses advanced analytical tools, testing techniques and simulation methodologies to assess the contamination sensitivity of fuel systems, engines, powertrains, and hydraulic system components.

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