image of CFR engines

Using CFR engines, SwRI measures the antiknock characteristics of finished gasolines and determines motor octane numbers.

image of Scanning Brookfield

The Scanning Brookfield measures gelation index of engine oils by continuously lowering the test temperature while recording.

image of vacuum distillation test for biodiesel samples

Vacuum distillation test for biodiesel samples.

Extensive capabilities are available at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) to conduct ASTM International, ISO, EN, and other standardized test methods.

Volatility & Flammability

  • Distillation
  • Flash point
  • Hot surface ignition

Low-Temperature Properties

  • Cloud point
  • Freezing point
  • Cold soak filterability


  • Kinematic viscosity
  • Brookfield viscosity

Elemental Analysis

  • Carbon hydrogen content
  • Sulfur content
  • Metals


  • Oxidation
  • Storage
  • Thermal


  • Cetane number
  • Octane number
  • Energy content

Lubricity & Tribology

  • HFRR
  • Scuffing load BOCLE


  • Bulk modulus
  • Heat capacity
  • Di-electric content
  • Conductivity
  • Acidity

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