Senior Technician
Aerospace Electronics and Information Technology Division


QUALIFICATIONS:   Incumbents should have knowledge of complex blueprints, engineering drawings or equipment schematics, custom sample preparation, and testing procedures peculiar to the training industry; basic engineering or scientific principles relative to the training industry; support, design, and fabrication of engineering and scientific testing apparatus; test data manipulation; and maintenance and repair of specialized training equipment. They should also have the ability to supervise subordinate technical support staff effectively in completion of project activities and communicate well with scientific and engineering staff. Incumbent should have performed satisfactorily in TS-1 and TS-2 functions for five years or have equivalent experience, knowledge, and ability. New employees should have a high school or equivalent education and a combination of five to ten years of continuing education, or trade school and/or related experience. An Associate's degree is preferred at this level.

RESPONSIBILITIESThe persons providing services in the TS-3 positions are skilled technical service staff providing key support to the scientific and engineering staff. Though having no direct administrative or project development responsibilities, incumbents exercise considerable latitude in carrying out technical instructions in selecting, adapting, and modifying standard procedures. Technical adequacy of completed work is reviewed by project leaders. Continued service at this level results in increasing skill levels and understanding of physical phenomena. The Senior Technician will participate in systems, databases and network design programs primarily within Aerospace applications.

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