Senior Research Scientist

Engine, Emissions and Vehicle Research Division


QUALIFICATIONS:   Five years scientific experience or comparable work experience or its equivalent (a Master's degree plus one year of experience, or a Doctorate with no experience). Completion of promotional and project management courses, and an advanced degree in a technical field desirable. Experience in successful project management, proposal preparation, and marketing activities. Shows maturity of technical expertise and assumes responsibility for highly specialized technical objectives using creative imaginative solutions.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Plans, designs, coordinates, and controls the progress of project work to meet client objectives; prepares and presents research reports to clients; supervises others as project manager on relatively large projects, assuming full responsibility for technical, financial, and project completion goals. Assumes responsibility for highly specialized technical objectives or problems where the relationships between cause and effect are difficult to establish and little or no precedence exists, and the use of creative imaginative thinking is required. Leads proposal efforts and new promotional work. Maintains familiarity with the progress and problems in the technical areas in which working.

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