Labor Categories Available


Use this GSA schedule to purchase Professional Engineering Services.  The Labor Categories are listed within the technology groups below.  Please review the description of experience and capability associated with each category.

Questions should be referred to Troy Nagy at (210) 522-2230 (voice), (210) 522-4773 (fax).

Technology Groups

Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Division (Div. 01)

Engine, Emissions and Vehicle Research Division (Div. 03)

Fuels and Lubricants Research Division (Div. 08)

Intelligent Systems Division (Div. 10)

Applied Physics Division (Div. 14)

Space Science and Engineering Division (Div. 15)

Defense and Intelligence Systems Division (Div. 16)

Mechanical Engineering Division (Div. 18)

Geosciences and Engineering Division (Div. 20)

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