SwRI Durham, New Hampshire

SwRI Earth, Oceans and Space (SwRI-EOS) Department

The SwRI Earth, Oceans and Space Department will focus on engineering and science flight projects, in the areas of earth science, astrophysics and heliophysics. Staff members will explore new scientific challenges in those areas and develop innovative flight instruments to study these problems. Using SwRI’s flight expertise, SwRI-EOS will deliver flight hardware for a variety of government and industry clients.

For more than 40 years, SwRI has developed spaceflight instrumentation, avionics and electronics for NASA and other government agencies, and has served as the principal investigator institution for multiple NASA missions. Staff members also have worked in multiple research areas, including heliospheric and solar physics, terrestrial and planetary magnetospheres, and planetary system origins and formation.

For additional information, contact Mark L. McConnell, Ph.D or visit the Earth, Oceans and Space (SwRI-EOS) Department.

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