SwRI Consortia

image of AC2AT logo

Advanced Combustion Catalyst and Aftertreatment Technologies (AC2AT) Joint Industry Consortium

  • Summary – The AC2AT Joint Industry Consortium will develop the tools and technologies necessary for the synergistic application of catalysts to advanced engine technologies.
  • Participation - $95,000 per year
  • Years anticipated - 4 years, renewable
  • Contact – Cary Henry, (210) 522-2424 or chenry@swri.org
  • Website: ac2at.swri.org
image of AEF logo

Advanced Engine Fluids (AEF) Joint Industry Consortium

  • Summary - The AEF Joint Industry Consortium will investigate the impact of fuels and lubricants on combustion and the future of engine technology.
  • Participation - $100,000 per year
  • Years anticipated - 4 years, renewable
  • Contact - Tom Briggs, (210) 522-5153 or tbriggs@swri.org
image of ACES logo

Automotive Consortium for Embedded Security(™) (ACES) Joint Industry Program

  • Summary - The mission of the ACES joint industry program is to provide non-competitive research in automotive embedded systems security to protect the safety, reliability, brand image, trade secrets, and privacy on members' future products.
  • Participation - $90,000 per year
  • Years anticipated - 3 years
  • Contact: Mark Brooks, (210) 522-3727 or mbrooks@swri.org
  • Website: aces.swri.org

image of CHEDE VI logo

Clean High-Efficiency Diesel Engine VI

  • Summary - Building on the more than 20 years of the industry's longest running diesel research consortium, the CHEDE-VI Consortium began in November 2011

    This program is pursuing the world's most efficient engines to meet the needs of industry 5 to 10 years into the future. The four-year multi-client consortium includes consideration of worldwide markets and technology impacts on each.
  • Participation - $120,000 per year ($70,000 for suppliers and manufacturers)
  • Years anticipated - 4 years
  • Contact - Charlie Roberts, Ph.D., (210) 522-5521 or croberts@swri.org
  • Website: chede.swri.org

image of Dynamic Bearing Rig logo

Dynamic Bearing Rig Consortium

  • Summary - Development of a hydrodynamic bearing rig that duplicates the speed and load histories seen by main and rod bearings in IC engines. Conditions duplicated will include start-up, scuff onset, static and dynamic misalignment.
  • Participation - $49,900 per year
  • Years anticipated - 4 years
  • Contact - Kevin L. Hoag, (210) 522-2637 or khoag@swri.org
  • Website: dynamicbearingrig.swri.org

image of EssEs logo

ESSES Consortium: Energy Storage System Evaluation and Safety

  • Summary - The mission of the SwRI ESSES Consortium is to provide transparency in the automotive battery market as a means to advance the development of energy storage systems.
  • Participation - $65,000 per year
  • Years anticipated - 3 years
  • Contact - Bapiraju Surampudi, Ph.D., (210) 522-3278 or bsurampudi@swri.org
  • Website: batteryconsortium.swri.org

image of HEDGE-III logo

High-Efficiency, Dilute Gasoline Engine (HEDGE®)

  • Summary - The SwRI HEDGE Consortium is designed to seek to improve gasoline engine technology for heavy-duty applications.
  • Participation - $120,000 per year ($70,000 for suppliers)
  • Years anticipated - Jan. 1, 2013, to Dec. 31, 2016
  • Contact - Terence F. Alger II, Ph.D., (210) 522-5505 or talger@swri.org
  • Website: hedge-III.swri.org

image of PSPD logo

Particle Sensor Performance and Durability Consortium (PSPD)

  • Summary - The SwRI PSPD™ Consortium is a cooperative research consortium to investigate the performance and durability of particle sensors designed for onboard diagnostics and diesel engine emissions control.
  • Participation - $55,000
  • Years anticipated - Ongoing, yearly renewal
  • Contact - Imad Khalek, Ph.D., (210) 522-2536 or ikahlek@swri.org
  • Website: pspd.swri.org

image of PCS logo

Powertrain Consulting Support Services

  • Summary - Members will gain an engineering consulting service that provides regular updates of fuels, lubricants, engines and powertrain technology advancements in the automotive industry.
  • Participation - Contact Charlie Roberts, Ph.D. for more information
  • Years anticipated - Ongoing, yearly renewal
  • Contact - Charlie Roberts,Ph.D., (210) 522-5521 or croberts@swri.org
  • Website: pcs.swri.org

image of P3 logo

Preignition Prevention Program (P3)

  • Summary - SwRI launched the Preignition Prevention Program (P3) consortium to focus on fuels and lubricants to discover ways to suppress low-speed preignition (LSPI), a condition that causes heavy engine knock and can seriously damage engine parts or cause complete engine failure.
  • Participation - Fees for the first two years will be $225,000, and the third year is an additional $100,000.
  • Years anticipated - June 2011 to June 2013, with an expected extension to June 2014
  • Contact - Thomas E. Briggs, Jr., Ph.D., (210) 522-5153 or tbriggs@swri.org
  • Website: p3consortium.swri.org

image of NPSS logo

Numerical Propulsion System Simulation (NPSS)

  • Summary - NPSS is an object oriented, multi-physics, engineering design and simulation environment which enables development, collaboration and seamless integration of system models.
  • Participation - $40,000 to $215,000/year.
  • Years anticipated – New cycle begins Jan 1, 2014
  • Contact – David Ransom, (210) 522-5281 or dransom@swri.org
  • Website: www.npssconsortium.org

image of NASGRO logo

Structural Integrity/NASGRO Development and Support

  • Summary - Enhance the technical capabilities and user support services for the widely-used NASGRO fracture mechanics computer code.
  • Participation - Fees for the next cycle will be $25,000 per year participating site, or $62,500 per year company-wide
  • Years anticipated - New cycle begins May 2013, Current cycle 2010-2013 (previous cycles 2001-2010).
  • Contact - R. Craig McClung, Ph.D., (210) 522-2422 or cmcclung@swri.org or Joe Cardinal, (210) 522-3323 or jcardinal@swri.org
  • Website: nasgro.swri.org

image of ROS-I Consortium logo

ROS-Industrial Consortium

  • Summary - Members will direct the development of new capabilities for ROS-Industrial robot software
  • Years anticipated - 3 years for phase one with additional phases anticipated.
  • Contact - Clay Flannigan, (210) 522-6805 or clay.flannigan@swri.org
  • Website: ric.swri.org
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