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SwRI software group earns Level 3 software engineering maturity

San Antonio, Texas -- May 15, 2003 -- The Software Engineering Organization at Southwest Research Institute® (SwRI®) has earned the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) Capability Maturity Model® Level 3 for software process improvement.

Level 3 on the five-level model for software process improvement requires the use of standard procedures across the organization for both the management and software engineering aspects of projects. It also requires an infrastructure for continuous process improvement, according to Susan Crumrine, executive director of the Software Engineering Organization within SwRI's Automation and Data Systems Division.

The SwRI group successfully exhibited Level 3 characteristics during an April assessment conducted by Process Enhancement Partners Inc., an SEI authorized lead assessor.

The five-level model starts with ad hoc software processes and progresses through Level 2 where software process capabilities are repeatable, Level 3 where there are standard procedures defined and used at the organizational level, and Levels 4 and 5 where quantitative quality goals are set for both software products and processes and the organization is characterized by continuous process improvement.

"Achieving Level 3 puts SwRI in an elite group of software contractors recognized for the maturity of their software engineering processes," Crumrine said. "As of August 2002, fewer than 500 organizations worldwide had achieved this level of maturity."

Crumrine explained that the SEI Software Capability Maturity Model is a quality initiative focused on improving the ability of software contractors to develop quality software within budget and on schedule. Practices addressed by the model are characterized by disciplined, well-defined software engineering processes for the planning and execution of a software development project.

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