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SwRI flips switch on LAMP in lunar orbit
Opening door sheds more light on instrument sensor, improving data
[Tuesday, November 01, 2016]

SwRI awarded $39 million military contract
Institute staff will support Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division
[Tuesday, October 25, 2016]

Alan Stern, New Horizons receive Cosmos Award for Outstanding Public Presentation of Science
The Planetary Society Board of Directors unanimously select Stern, pioneering NASA mission
[Tuesday, October 18, 2016]

SwRI teaming with GTI to demonstrate supercritical CO2 power plant
Facility will be located at SwRI’s headquarters in San Antonio
[Monday, October 17, 2016]

SwRI developing methane leak detection system for DOE
Technology pinpoints small leaks of greenhouse gas that typically go unnoticed
[Tuesday, October 11, 2016]

Southwest Research Institute burning cleaner
New pollution abatement system provides “greener” fire analysis and evaluation
[Wednesday, October 05, 2016]

SwRI’s Alice spectrograph completes ESA mission to comet 67P
Rosetta instrument provided first-ever ultraviolet observations of a comet
[Thursday, September 29, 2016]

SwRI to hold Manufacturing Day open house
Presentation, tours to showcase advanced technologies, processes
[Wednesday, September 28, 2016]

SwRI’s Alger to receive ASME Internal Combustion Engine Award
Recognized for innovations in internal combustion engine technologies
[Tuesday, September 27, 2016]

SwRI upgrades Locomotive Technology Center to meet EPA certification guidelines
Addition will help OEMs meet new emissions standards
[Thursday, September 22, 2016]

SwRI to demonstrate low-cost miniature solar observatory
Balloon-borne payload will image solar soundwaves
[Monday, August 29, 2016]

SwRI will lead $3.3 million oxy-combustion pilot plant study
Technology will help advance clean coal power
[Monday, August 29, 2016]

SwRI’s Dannemann named Fellow of ASM International
Honor recognizes contributions to materials science and engineering
[Tuesday, August 16, 2016]

NASA Invites Media to Learn About New Hurricane Mission
CYGNSS hurricane constellation scheduled to launch this fall
[Thursday, August 04, 2016]

SwRI collaborating with Singapore researchers to expand ROS-Industrial
Consortium to provide robotics R&D for advanced manufacturing in Asia-Pacific region
[Tuesday, August 02, 2016]

SwRI space scientists observe Io’s atmospheric collapse during eclipse
Research reveals freezing effects of Jupiter’s shadow on moon’s volcanic gases
[Tuesday, August 02, 2016]

SwRI-led study shows puzzling paucity of large craters on dwarf planet Ceres
Dwarf planet may continuously refresh its surface
[Tuesday, July 26, 2016]

SwRI receives $7.8 million in funding from DOE
Three projects to advance turbine systems for gas-fired power plants
[Wednesday, July 20, 2016]

SwRI to develop educational experiments for NASA-funded STEM grant
SAPREP students to benefit from hands-on science with simulated moon mission
[Tuesday, July 19, 2016]

SwRI’s Spencer selected for AGU’s Whipple Award
Award recognizes contributions to planetary science
[Tuesday, July 12, 2016]

SwRI, UTSA invest in two new joint biomaterial research projects
Biofilm, drug delivery projects receive $125,000 in funding
[Wednesday, July 06, 2016]

NASA's Juno Spacecraft in Orbit Around Mighty Jupiter
SwRI's Bolton serves as principal investigator of Juno
[Tuesday, July 05, 2016]

SwRI’s Alan Stern receives Distinguished Public Service Medal — NASA’s highest civilian honor
New Horizons leader recognized for successful Pluto mission that completed initial reconnaissance of the solar system
[Tuesday, June 28, 2016]

SwRI’s Parker discovers moon over Makemake in the Kuiper Belt
Faint moon was previously obscured by the glare of the icy dwarf planet
[Monday, June 27, 2016]

SwRI team finds a possible solution to “faint young Sun paradox” in primordial asteroid impacts
Bombardment triggered atmospheric warming capable of sustaining liquid water
[Wednesday, June 22, 2016]

Software estimates likelihood of ‘man-made earthquakes’
3DStress® assesses seismicity risks for oil and gas wastewater disposal or geothermal systems
[Monday, June 20, 2016]

Southwest Research Institute announces creation of Permian Basin Joint Industry Project
SwRI presenting West Texas research at AAPG convention, discussing similar Austin Chalk initiative
[Thursday, June 16, 2016]

SwRI celebrating decade of unmanned systems program during Eurosatory
R&D leader develops technologies for autonomous vehicles used in defense, automotive sectors
[Tuesday, June 14, 2016]

Juno spacecraft to arrive at Jupiter, enter orbit July 4
SwRI’s Bolton leads NASA mission to gas giant
[Monday, June 13, 2016]

SwRI’s Walker named IBS Ballistics Science Fellow
Honor recognizes his outstanding research in terminal ballistics
[Thursday, June 02, 2016]

Southwest Research Institute, Texas Biomedical Research Institute awarded $3.4 million contract for Ebola countermeasure
Texas neighboring research organizations to collaborate on developing drug formulation for DTRA
[Wednesday, June 01, 2016]

SwRI’s Bottke named Fellow of Meteoritical Society
Bottke studies what meteorites, asteroids, and comets reveal about solar system history
[Tuesday, May 31, 2016]

SwRI’s Brun to receive ASME-IGTI Industrial Gas Turbine Award
Recognized for expertise in turbomachinery technology
[Tuesday, May 31, 2016]

SwRI scientists discover evidence of ice age at martian north pole
Data reveal information about climate change
[Thursday, May 26, 2016]

SwRI scientists discover fresh lunar craters
New technique allows scientists to ‘age’ craters in the darkest regions of the Moon
[Monday, May 23, 2016]

SwRI’s George receives International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement Laurance S. Reid Award
Researcher honored for contributions to natural gas measurement technology
[Tuesday, May 17, 2016]

NASA’s Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission puts magnetic reconnection under the microscope
SwRI-led team closes in on what sparks one of the most explosive processes in the universe
[Thursday, May 12, 2016]

SwRI to showcase Ranger automated vehicle technology at AUVSI XPONENTIAL 2016
Patented technology enables automated driving independent of GPS at lower cost
[Tuesday, April 26, 2016]

SwRI’s Alan Stern named to the 2016 TIME100 list of the most influential people in the world
Iconic mission to Pluto led to Stern selection
[Thursday, April 21, 2016]

SwRI-led team identifies clathrate ices in comet 67P
Studying comets provides clues to the early history of our solar system
[Friday, April 08, 2016]

Multitasking New Horizons observed solar wind changes on journey to Pluto
SWAP data show that the tumultuous flow of solar particles becomes more uniform by the time the solar wind reaches Pluto
[Tuesday, April 05, 2016]

Southwest Research Institute sponsors ITS America 2016 Student Essay Competition
ITS America essay contest encourages innovative ideas and concepts
[Tuesday, April 05, 2016]

SwRI’s BORE microgravity payload flies aboard commercial suborbital spaceflight
Experiment will examine the effects of microgravity on asteroid regolith
[Monday, April 04, 2016]

SwRI, CSF announce June 2016 suborbital space research and education conference
World record space diver Alan Eustace to kick off keynote presentation
[Wednesday, March 16, 2016]

Degrading underground ice could reshape Arctic landscape
Southwest Research Institute’s remote sensing analysis highlights tundra’s thawing trend
[Monday, March 14, 2016]

SwRI’s Fuselier honored with European Geosciences Union award for space plasma research
Award named for Nobel laureate to be presented in April
[Wednesday, March 09, 2016]

Southwest Research Institute awarded $9.4 million Air Force contract
SwRI team developing novel geolocation method with unparalleled precision
[Tuesday, March 01, 2016]

Demos, briefings highlight 68th SwRI annual meeting
Lee, Zachry named chairman, vice chairman
[Monday, February 22, 2016]

Southwest Research Institute’s Downing elected vice chair of BioMed SA
Downing will help develop growth strategies for nonprofit’s second decade
[Thursday, February 11, 2016]

New SwRI consortium to tackle better automotive cylinder head designs
Program will target advances in gasoline and diesel head designs
[Monday, February 08, 2016]

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft Burns for Jupiter
NASA’s Juno spacecraft performs maneuver. Jupiter is five months away.
[Wednesday, February 03, 2016]

SwRI named to inaugural class of S.A. Aviation and Aerospace Hall of Fame
SwRI among eight organizations and individuals recognized as San Antonio aviation and aerospace pioneers
[Wednesday, February 03, 2016]

SwRI-designed miniature spacecraft selected to fly on rocket’s test flight in 2018
CuSP will observe solar energetic particles in outer space
[Tuesday, February 02, 2016]

SwRI’s Alan Stern awarded Carl Sagan Memorial Award by American Astronautical Society (AAS)
New Horizons team leader hopes Pluto mission will expand to study Kuiper Belt in outer reach of solar system
[Thursday, January 14, 2016]

Southwest Research Institute receives third consecutive WorldatWork Seal of Distinction
Recognition honors SwRI’s commitment to the well-being of its workforce
[Wednesday, January 13, 2016]


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