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1. 9,309,804   4/12/2016   Dual Path (Low Pressure Loop and High Pressure Loop) EGR for Improved Air Boosting Efficiency
Related Information
Christopher J. Chadwell,
Terrence F. Alger II,
Shinhyuk Joo
2. 9,279,361   3/8/2016   Piston Bowl with Spray Jet Targets
Related Information
Rainer J. Rothbauer,
Charles E. Roberts Jr.
3. 9,276,293   3/1/2016   Dynamic Formation Protocol for Lithium-Ion Battery
Related Information
Jeff Q. Xu   SwRI  
4. 9,245,163   1/26/2016   Optical Velocity Tracking for Paint Spray Gun
Related Information
Clinton J. Thwing,
Jonathan D. Bartlett,
Erika C. Laiche,
David L. Jones
5. 9,218,660   12/22/2015   Machine Vision Systems and Methods for Analysis and Tracking of Strain in Deformable Materials
Related Information
John T. Carrola Jr.,
Warren Carl Couvillion Jr.,
Susan M. Porter,
David R. Chambers,
Christopher J. Guerra
6. 9,218,529   12/22/2015   3-D Imaging Sensor Based Location Estimation
Related Information
Christopher L. Lewis,
William C. Flannigan,
Michael O. Blanton,
Douglas A. Brooks
7. 9,217,119   12/22/2015   Extraction of Lipids from Living Cells Utilizing Liquid CO
Related Information
Maoqi Feng,
Darius D. Daruwalla,
Jimell Erwin,
W. Kennedy Gauger
8. 9,217,116   12/22/2015   Biogas Purification System and Methods of Use Thereof
Related Information
Francis Y. Huang   SwRI  
9. 9,216,222   12/22/2015   Isoamyl Nitrite Formulations
Related Information
Albert M. Zwiener,
Kenneth H. Carson,
Joseph A. McDonough,
Norma L. Cantu,
Sandra J. Drabik,
Andrew P-Z. Clark,
Paul M. Thompson,
Richard Michael Corbett
10. 9,216,181   12/22/2015   BMP-2 Upregulating Compounds for Healing Bone Tissue and Screening Methods for Selecting Such Compounds
Related Information
Jorge Gianny Rossini   SwRI  
11. 9,206,769   12/8/2015   Internal Combustion Engine Having Dedicated EGR Cylinder With Intake Separate from Intake of Main Cylinders
Related Information
Robert W. Burrahm   SwRI  
12. 9,200,599   12/1/2015   Internal Combustion Engine Having Dual EGR Loops (Dedicated EGR Loop and Low Pressure EGR Loop) and Dual Cylinder Intake Ports
Related Information
Raphael Gukelberger,
Jess W. Gingrich
13. 9,181,980   11/10/2015   Fluid Bearings with Adjustable Frictional Load Characteristics
Related Information
Charles E. Roberts Jr.   SwRI  
14. 9,164,514   10/20/2015   Cooperative Perimeter Patrol System and Method
Related Information
Paul A. Avery,
Samuel E. Slocum,
Jerry A. Towler
15. 9,162,983   10/20/2015   Reactivators of Organophosphorous Inhibited Acetylcholinesterase
Related Information
William E. Bauta,
William R. Cantrell Jr.,
Michael W. Tidwell
16. 9,162,280   10/20/2015   Hybrid Ceramic/Sand Core for Casting Metal Engine Parts with Passages or Holes Having a Cross Section Too Small for Sand Casting
Related Information
Barry E. Westmoreland,
Douglas A. McKee,
Marc C. Megel,
Mark A. Tussing,
Thomas E. Reinhart,
David P. Branyon
17. 9,146,215   9/29/2015   Apparatus and Method for Inspection of Tubes in a Boiler
Related Information
Hegeon Kwun,
Matthew Capps,
James Crane,
Stanley M. Walker
18. 9,121,540   9/1/2015   Superhydrophobic Compositions and Coating Process for the Internal Surface of Tubular Structures
Related Information
Michael A. Miller,
Ronghua Wei,
Gregory Hatton
19. 9,120,446   9/1/2015   Wheel Locking System
Related Information
William Eugene Thomas,
Paul B. Hvass,
Nicholas A. Herrera,
Terrence M. Tomlinson,
Cliff J. Scribner,
Rogers E. Rimmer,
Nakul Jeirath,
Edward G. Alvarado Jr.
20. 9,105,363   8/11/2015   Methods for Vaporization and Remediation of Radioactive Contamination
Related Information
Roland R.V. Benke,
Ralph H. Hill Jr.,
Robert T. Pabalan,
James A. Moryl,
Jeremy R. Pruitt
21. 9,103,046   8/11/2015   Electrophoretic Formation of Nanostructured Composites
Related Information
Benjamin R. Furman,
Stephen T. Wellinghoff,
Charles K. Baker
22. 9,103,022   8/11/2015   Amorphous Aluminum Alloy Coatings
Related Information
Ronghua Wei,
Marta Jakab,
Craig Engel
23. 9,080,521   7/14/2015   Method and Related System of Using Crankcase Pressure To Detect Pre-Ignition In Spark Ignition Engine
Related Information
Manfred Amann,
Terrence F. Alger II
24. 9,063,188   6/23/2015   Apparatus and Method for Identifying High Risk Non-Ceramic Insulators (NCI) with Conductive or High Permittivity Defects
Related Information
Andrew John Phillips,
Mark Major,
Robert Carlton Lynch,
Phillip Nathan Beverly,
Sam Harrell
25. 9,062,577   6/23/2015   Diesel Engine Operation for East Transient Response and Low Emissions
Related Information
Chad P. Koci,
Vlad L.C. Ulmet,
Stefan Simescu,
Magdi K. Khair,
Gary D. Neely
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