Advanced science.  Applied technology.



SwRI is a growing leader in astrophysical research and development. We draw on our knowledge to observe, model, and analyze diverse astronomical systems. Our team is also experienced with the development of multi-wavelength, ground-based, and space-based instruments. SwRI’s unique capabilities lie in having astrophysicists with broad hardware expertise and the engineering workforce for hardware development.

Scientific Research

SwRI has astrophysics experience with observing, data reduction, modeling, and data analysis from X-ray to IR in many astronomical fields such as:

  • Supernovae
  • Gamma Ray Bursts
  • Binary Stars and X-ray Binaries
  • Observational Cosmology

Instrumentation Capabilities

SwRI has astrophysics expertise in UV, Optical, and IR with:

  • Remote sensing and data processing
  • Telescope design and construction including optical, electrical, mechanical, and software systems
  • Instrument design and construction including photometric and spectroscopic (low resolution to R~20,000) systems
  • Telescope and instrument characterization in flight like environments
  • Detector testing (CCD, CMOS, MCP, and super conductor)
  • Detector characterization (e.g QE, PRNU, and read noise)