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SwRI scientists develop solar observatory for use on suborbital manned space missions
SSIPP will be on exhibit at AGU fall meeting
[Thursday, December 11, 2014]

NASA’S New Horizons spacecraft set to wake up for Pluto encounter
New Horizons will awaken from hibernation for the last time this December
[Thursday, November 13, 2014]

SwRI-led team telescope effort reveals asteroid’s size for the first time
Scientists also discover Patroclus-Menoetius asteroid has a non-spherical shape
[Monday, November 10, 2014]

Citizen scientists help SwRI researchers perform astronomy research
$1 million grant to fund citizen astronomers in rural communities of Western U.S.
[Thursday, October 23, 2014]

SwRI researchers named Ballistics Science Fellows of International Ballistics Society
Honor recognizes researchers’ contributions to field of ballistics technology
[Thursday, October 23, 2014]

SwRI's Putzig named NASA Planetary Science Early Career Fellow
Fellowship opens new grant funding avenues for supplemental research
[Wednesday, October 15, 2014]

SwRI opens new high-horsepower dynamometer facility to service marine, rail and petroleum industries
New facility expands SwRI’s large-engine research and evaluation for engines up to 7,000 horsepower
[Tuesday, October 07, 2014]

Manufacturing Day Open House: SwRI® offers glimpse into advanced technologies, processes available
SwRI will showcase flexible robotics solutions with presentation and tour on Oct. 3
[Tuesday, September 23, 2014]

SwRI® launching consortium to develop new dynamic bearing test rig
New consortium kicks off Sept. 24
[Monday, September 15, 2014]

SwRI® demonstrates leadership role in connected automation at 21st World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems
SwRI to showcase connected automation technologies at Technology Showcase on Belle Isle
[Monday, September 08, 2014]

SwRI®, UTSA researchers prove biochar is low-cost, effective method to treat fracking water
Yearlong study discovers biochar effectively cleans chemicals released in flowback water
[Monday, September 08, 2014]

SwRI-sponsored Student Essay Winners announced
Three essay finalists chosen from entries throughout the United States
[Monday, September 08, 2014]

Rosetta-Alice spectrograph obtains first far ultraviolet spectra of a cometary surface while orbiting Churyumov-Gerasimenko
Rosetta target comet is unusually dark, with no evident water-ice patches
[Thursday, September 04, 2014]

SwRI expands biofuels capabilities with custom-designed circulating fluidized bed system
New CFB at SwRI can produce more refined fuel samples in less time time
[Wednesday, September 03, 2014]

NASA's IBEX and Voyager spacecraft drive advances in outer heliosphere research
Outer heliosphere studies shedding light on Earth’s home in the solar system
[Monday, August 04, 2014]

SwRI-led team’s research shows giant asteroids battered early Earth
Impacts melted, mixed and buried portions of Earth’s surface more than four billion years ago.
[Thursday, July 31, 2014]

Two employees earn SwRI’s first 50-year service recognition
First time in SwRI 67-year history for two staff members to reach half century milestone
[Thursday, July 24, 2014]

SwRI receives $1.8 million DOE contract award to demonstrate hydrogen compression
Project Aims to Advance Hydrogen Production and Delivery Technologies
[Wednesday, July 23, 2014]

SwRI to lead separation technology joint industry project
Program will combine industry knowledge and resources to advance research for better equipment and test protocols
[Tuesday, July 22, 2014]

New Heavy Article Test facility now available for use at Southwest Research Institute
Facility will enhance SwRI's structural engineering program
[Tuesday, July 15, 2014]

SwRI's Dedicated EGR® technology wins prestigious R&D 100 Award
New engine design improves fuel economy and lowers exhaust emissions
[Friday, July 11, 2014]

Laboratory models suggest that stretching forces shaped Jupiter Moon's surface
Ganymede grooves similar to Earth tectonic process
[Tuesday, July 08, 2014]

Technical paper earns SwRI automotive engineers prestigious SAE award
Prestigious SAE International Harry L. Horning Memorial Award presented to SwRI
[Wednesday, July 02, 2014]

SwRI and UTSA researchers to advance clean emissions, explore novel antimicrobials
Two new joint research projects each awarded one year, $125,000 funding
[Tuesday, June 24, 2014]

Titan’s building blocks might pre-date Saturn
The icy atmosphere of this Earth-like moon could provide more information about Titan’s origin
[Monday, June 23, 2014]

SwRI-led CubeSat mission selected by NASA to study solar particles and space weather
CuSPP nanosatellite also will support space weather research
[Wednesday, June 18, 2014]

SwRI® to develop New England Advanced Transportation Management System
New highway information infrastructure system to be developed in New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine
[Thursday, June 12, 2014]

Rosetta-Alice spectrograph to begin first-ever close up ultraviolet studies of comet surface and atmosphere
Alice set to analyze comet’s atmosphere, map its surface and study dust particle properties.
[Tuesday, June 10, 2014]

SwRI announces collaboration with OSRF to advance industrial robotics
SwRI and OSRF enter cooperative agreement to support manufacturing automation and industrial robotics.
[Tuesday, June 03, 2014]

SwRI® to launch catalyst and emission control technologies consortium
Four-year consortium to evaluate engine emissions and catalyst technologies
[Wednesday, May 14, 2014]

SwRI’s McComas to receive 2014 COSPAR Space Science Award
Award to be conferred August 4 in Moscow
[Wednesday, May 14, 2014]

J. Dan Bates, Southwest Research Institute President, Announces Retirement at End of Fiscal Year
Board names Adam Hamilton Successor
[Thursday, April 24, 2014]

SwRI® launches new automotive consortium focusing on fuels and lubricants
Consortium to study fuel and lubricant chemistry and its effects on engine combustion
[Thursday, April 24, 2014]

SwRI® debuts Dedicated EGR® demonstration vehicle
Advanced combustion technology improves fuel economy, lowers emissions
[Tuesday, April 08, 2014]

French, American team finds regolith of small asteroids formed by thermal fatigue
Study shows thermal fatigue, not impacts, responsible for creating asteroid regolith
[Wednesday, April 02, 2014]

New research finds "geologic clock" that helps determine Moon’s age
Researchers find Moon formed nearly 100 million years after start of solar system
[Wednesday, April 02, 2014]

CYGNSS hurricane satellite mission passes major review milestone
Hurricane mission set to begin design and hardware definition
[Thursday, March 27, 2014]

SwRI awarded an HHS $8.3 million contract extension for continued development of cyanide antidote
SwRI to continue development of nasal-delivery, first-line treatment system to combat cyanide poisoning
[Tuesday, March 25, 2014]

Fresh water may flow just below the surface during Martian summers
Scientists hypothesize mysterious features on Martian slopes may be result of water
[Friday, February 28, 2014]

Southwest Research Institute part of winning team for White House initiative on Lightweight and Modern Metals Manufacturing innovation
American Lightweight Materials Manufacturing Innovation Institute will be established near Detroit (Feb. 26, 2014)
[Wednesday, February 26, 2014]

Romo elected chairman of SwRI Board of Directors, Lee named vice chairman
SwRI held its 66th annual meeting for advisory trustees and board of directors Monday
[Monday, February 24, 2014]

IBEX research shows the influence of the galactic magnetic field extends well beyond our solar system
Complementary research highlights interactions at the solar system’s boundary and beyond
[Thursday, February 13, 2014]

SwRI receives Alliance for Work-Life Progress Seal of Distinction
SwRI joins impressive group of organizations receiving the honor
[Thursday, February 13, 2014]

SwRI wins National Science Foundation grant to study rock glaciers in Europe
International collaboration will use remote-sensing technology in study of rock glacier movements
[Wednesday, February 05, 2014]

SwRI adds flow component test cell
New test cell evaluates products at pressures up to 30,000 psi using gas hydraulic pressure.
[Tuesday, January 28, 2014]

SwRI develops first ERCOT-qualified vehicle-to-grid aggregation system
System allows electric delivery truck fleet owners to make money by using normal vehicle charge times to assist in managing grid frequency
[Tuesday, January 14, 2014]

SwRI's Walker named 2014 O'Donnell Award recipient
Walker will be honored Jan. 16 during The Academy of Medicine, Engineering & Science of Texas (TAMEST) 11th Annual Conference
[Tuesday, January 07, 2014]

Newfound Planet is Earth-mass But Gassy
Planet KOI-314c weighs the same as Earth, but is 60 percent larger in diameter
[Monday, January 06, 2014]

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