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Automotive Consortium for Embedded Security™ (ACES)

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In the quest to make automobiles safer, more efficient, and more responsive, additional automation and connectivity have been introduced. However, increased automation and connectivity also increases the risk of a malicious attack. A successful attack of an automobile could compromise safety and damage an automaker's reputation. In order to reduce the likelihood and impact of malicious attacks, ACES will research leading-edge technologies that can be applied to reduce the risk of attack.


The mission of the ACES joint industry program (JIP) is to provide pre-competitive and non-competitive research in automotive embedded systems security to protect the safety, reliability, brand image, trade secrets, and client privacy of members' future products.


  • Perform high-risk/high-reward pre-competitive and non-competitive research and development
  • Serve as an independent verification and validation entity
  • Develop understanding of industry problems and associated risk
  • Monitor and share threats and industry research
  • Keep abreast of and provide input for emerging safety and security regulations and standards
  • Provide members with relevant solutions and actionable results

Member Benefits

  • Interested companies may join the ACES Consortium at any time during the three-year program
  • Annual membership is $90,000
  • Three-year is offered to members
  • One of SwRI’s internal research programs resulted in a tool called autoTread™, which will be shared with Consortium members
  • SwRI will pursue patent applications for technology developed by the ACES program
  • Consortium participants will receive a royalty-free license to use the technology developed by the ACES program

Program Status

Project execution is currently underway.

ACES Member Portal.