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The NASGRO License is a suite of programs used to:

In 2003, NASGRO Version 4.0 received the NASA Software of the Year Award and an R&D 100 Award from R&D Magazine as one of the 100 most technologically significant new products of the year.

NASGRO Version 8.1 was released on May 18, 2016.

NASGRO is licensable for a fee. More than 610 single-seat licenses to NASGRO have been obtained by a wide range of users from different industries.

The materials database includes a large set of crack growth rate and fracture toughness data. The stress intensity factor library provides models for more than 78 different crack geometries.

NASGRO was originally developed at the NASA Johnson Space Center to perform fracture control analysis on NASA space systems. A growing interest in NASGRO among a variety of industrial users motivated NASA to develop a new partnership with industry. NASA and SwRI have signed a Space Act Agreement under which SwRI formed and manages a consortium to provide guidance and support for future NASGRO development and user services. The NASGRO Consortium is now being organized for its sixth three-year cycle (2016–2019).

License NASGRO

NASGRO Availability & Licensing Philosophy

NASGRO® is made available to the general public by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) with the goal of transferring NASA-developed technology to industry. NASGRO® is developed and are distributed under the terms of a Space Act Agreement (a joint development agreement) between NASA Johnson Space Center and Southwest Research Institute, with additional support from the European Space Agency, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the NASGRO Industrial Consortium.


The standard cost of a perpetual, single-seat license (one user) for NASGRO is $4,000 (USD) for customers in the United States and many overseas countries. However, special pricing arrangements may apply for non-US customers depending on country, in particular, mainland China (PRC) and India. Please contact SwRI for a specific quote.

Technical support is available at no cost for a period of one (1) year from the date on the signed license agreement and includes bug fixes for the licensed version of NASGRO. New versions of NASGRO will require purchasing a new license for that version, and a "current customer" discount is available.

To license NASGRO, join the mailing list.

If you are a consultant FAA DER having Damage Tolerance approval authorization, a single-seat license of NASGRO is available to you at no charge.

NASGRO Licenses for FAA Damage Tolerance DERs

If you are an active consultant Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Structural Designated Engineering Representative (DER) with Damage Tolerance approval authorization, a single-seat license of NASGRO is available to you at no charge. To obtain your license to NASGRO, join the mailing list and in the comments box, indicate that you are an FAA Damage Tolerance DER and provide your Designee Number. A license agreement will then be sent to you for your signature. Upon return receipt of the signed license agreement, you will receive instructions for obtaining the software.

If you are a "company" DER with Damage Tolerance approval authorization, your company will need to purchase a NASGRO license at the commercial rate.

NASGRO User's Manual

The NASGRO User's Manual is currently composed of a main manual and 26 appendices.

The appendices contain theoretical details, information, background and references for many of the solutions and methods used in NASGRO. Separate manuals are provided for the NASFORM (fatigue) module and the NASFLA elastic-plastic analysis option. The NASGRO User's Manual is accessible on-line from the main screen of NASGRO or by clicking on "Help" in the GUI. It is also accessible in pdf files from the folder in which the user installs the software. A hard copy of the manual is not provided and the user can print his own from the pdf files if desired.