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Engineering R&D

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We perform a wide range of standard and custom tests to evaluate the fire performance of construction materials, products, and systems including the fire resistance measurements of wall or floor/ceiling assemblies and structural elements and assessing the potential contribution from interior finish materials to a fire. We can research and evaluate fire endurance, flame spread, toxicity, smoke, heat release, and ignition. We offer customized engineering and scientific solutions to fire and explosion problems.

For questions about this testing, please contact Karen Carpenter at +1 210 522 3718.

Custom Testing and Consultation

We can design custom tests and provide consultations to provide sound scientific evaluations specific for any application. Full-scale tests are developed to determine the response of processes, structures, materials, products and environment to realistic explosions, heat, smoke and fire. Events can be recreated to determine possible root cause and to develop mitigation techniques to prevent further losses.

Product and Process Optimization

We specialize in:

  • Optimization of type and quantity of fire inhibitors in polymers and composites
  • Optimization of processes for inclusion of fire inhibitors
  • Batch-scale reaction studies for chemicals
  • Design, construction, and operation of pilot plants
  • Evaluation and optimization of the fire safety of processes and plants
  • Development of active and passive safety systems for processes
  • Development of automatic control systems for processes
  • Simulation and modeling of upset conditions or fire scenarios in processes