Advanced science.  Applied technology.

Executive Assistant: GS-07F-6087P

Engine, Emissions and Vehicle Research Division

QUALIFICATIONS: The Executive Assistant will have mastered all tasks required for less senior positions plus a minimum of 12 years of total relevant experience. They will have demonstrated a thorough knowledge of the internal processes relative to the officer's responsibility. Proper correspondence protocol in relation to officer's status, corporate policies and procedures, and the functions of groups within the cost center, Institute policies and procedures relative to the field and current knowledge of specialties, customers, and Institute personnel staff. Individuals must be able to work independently with minimal direction on complex assignments, respond in the officer's characteristic manner on day-to-day management problems, interact effectively with clients, exercise strict confidentiality and discretion, and assist the officer in management of his or her time.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsibilities include using judgment and knowledge of corporate officer in determining necessity of involvement in particular matter, settles issues independently within level of vested authority, or refers matters requiring action to others. Interacts with clients, Institute staff, within delegated limits, give information or initiate action on behalf of the officer. Reviews incoming correspondence for appropriate personal action, referral to other staff or preparation for action of corporate officer.