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Flight Test Technologies

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Flight testing validates the design of aircraft and spacecraft, while ensuring that vehicles meet government and industry standards. Our software and systems engineers develop end-to-end solutions for the commercial aerospace industry, defense clients, and manufacturers of flight test instruments. We integrate software and embedded systems into commercial products or design custom instruments. As an independent, nonprofit solutions provider, SwRI vigorously protects the intellectual property of our clients and promotes best practices and standards that benefit the industries we serve.

Commercial Aircraft Flight Testing Solutions

Services include testing and evaluating products to help instrument manufacturers prepare products for market. We also benchmark products so our end-user clients can make informed decisions.

Flight Test Data Acquisition

Network-based solutions for fl­ight test data acquisition systems used to certify commercial aircraft. Features include Ethernet, IP multicast, high throughput, low latency, IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP), telemetry systems, real-time data processing, SNMP, and COTS or custom hardware.

Flight Test Embedded Systems

Software compliant with DO-178B and other standards.

Flight Test Hardware

Research and development for instrument manufacturers and vendors includes assisting vendors in developing and applying network technologies to their devices.

System Integration

In many cases, clients need multiple vendor products to acquire different data. We integrate equipment from multiple vendors to provide comprehensive data acquisition solutions for flight test programs.

Testing and Evaluation

SwRI maintains a large set of testing resources including an expansive network test bed for integrating these devices into systems. These resources can generate over 50 Gbps of network load for testing systems before deployment.

Standards Development and Implementation

SwRI has led, or contributed heavily to the development of, several network standards and created shareable frameworks of software so vendors can build their own specific equipment to comply with these standards.

Integrated Network Enhanced Telemetry (iNET) 

As the lead systems integrator for the iNET program, SwRI leads development of iNET standards, developed reference applications, integrated and tested initial systems, and supported fl­ight tests. SwRI also provides consulting and development support to companies looking to leverage iNET standards and technologies.

Military Flight Testing Services

SwRI provides a wide range of flight testing engineering services for military and defense clients.

Ballistic Systems Aerodynamics

SwRI’s flight and ballistic modeling provides alternative solutions to flight test and algorithm analysis for ballistics systems for the defense sector.

Retrofit Engineering Services

To modernize or replace outdated avionics equipment, SwRI provides a wide range of retrofit engineering services. Our cost-effective software and engineering integrates new capabilities in preparation for military aircraft flight tests.

Aircraft Diagnostic Equipment

SwRI develops diagnostic equipment to support all levels of the maintenance process, including large, specialized, ground-based automatic test equipment and on-board, built-in test systems.