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Glenn Light

Glenn Light, Director
Sensor Systems & NDE Tech
Sensor Systems & Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) Technology Department
Mechanical Engineering Division
    Phone: (210) 522-2218
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  • Method and Device for Long-Term Monitoring of Components Using Guided Waves, 8,941,287
  • Systems and Methods for Flaw Detection and Monitoring at Elevated Temperatures with Wireless Communication Using Surface Embedded, Monolithically Integrated, Thin-Film, Magnetically Actuated Sensors, and Methods for Fabricating the Sensors, 8,486,545
  • High Precision Corrosion Monitoring Sensor Assembly and System, 8,365,601
  • Magnetostrictive Sensor for Tank Floor Inspection, 8,358,126
  • System and Method for Detection of Fiber Optic Cable Using Static and Induced Charge, 7,155,107
  • Calibration Method and Device for Long Range Guided Wave Inspection of Piping, 6,968,727
  • Apparatus and Method for Monitoring a Cable, 6,873,746
  • Averaged Guided Wave Inspection Technology For Ribbon Cable, 6,766,693
  • Magnetostrictive Sensor Rail Inspection System, 6,424,150
  • Method and Apparatus for Short Term Inspection or Long Term Structural Health Monitoring, 6,396,262
  • Charged-Particle Powered Battery, 5,861,701
  • Method for Obtaining Optimized Computed Tomography Images from a Body of High Length-To-Width Ratio Using Computer Aided Design Information For the Body, 5,764,721
  • Wall Thickness and Flow Detection Apparatus and Method for Gas Pipelines, 5,587,534
  • Variable Angle Eddy Current Probe, 5,291,136
  • Ultrasonic Transducer for Extreme Temperature Environments, 5,195,373
  • Ultrasonic Squirter, 5,001,932
  • Pump Shaft Inspection System, 4,899,590
  • X-ray Fluorescence Testing of Laminate Structures, 4,577,337
  • Sound Transducer Apparatus System and Method, 4,565,095


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August 06, 2014