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Multiphase Flow & Flow Assurance

Multiphase Flow & Flow Assurance


The Multiphase Flow and Flow Assurance Section uses innovative approaches, unique facilities, and a skilled staff to increase the understanding of multiphase flow phenomena and provide our clients with accurate and relevant results to their applied research, testing, and modeling needs.

Research and Development

  • Multiphase Flow Characterization & Modeling
  • Multiphase Flow & Wet Gas Measurement
  • Flow Assurance
  • Separation
  • Erosion

Liquid Entrainment—Axial Flow Visualization at 3,600 psig

Experimental Facilities & Tools

  • Multiphase Flow Facility (MFF)
  • MFF South Tower (four-story steel tower with a total height of 40 feet that allows the setup of test sections in the vertical orientation through the middle of the tower, as well as on the sides. It is equipped with access on all four levels, which allows easy setup of equipment and instrumentation)
  • Coupon Erosion Test Rigs
  • Large-Scale Sand Control Screen and ICD Test Rig
  • High-Viscosity Flow Loop
  • High-Pressure Insertion Probe
  • Lateral High-Pressure Flow Visualization Unit
  • Isokinetic Sampling System
  • Axial Flow Visualization at High Pressures

Analysis & Evaluations

  • Third party independent testing, witnessing, and report/data review services
  • Design of experiments and data analysis
  • Performance evaluation and qualification testing of multiphase/wet gas flow meters, separation equipment, phase fraction measurement devices, and instrumentation
  • Evaluation of innovative technologies used for monitoring of hydrates, flow pattern, flow velocity, and deposition inside flow lines based on tomography, optical, conductivity, fiber optics, gamma ray attenuations, and nuclear magnetic resonance
  • Development of customized calculation sheets with relevant models/correlations and other desktop calculation tools
  • Customized flow loop and test rig design and commissioning
  • Steady state and transient flow assurance analysis
  • CFD analysis

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