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COMINT Experience

HF and V/UHF (high-frequency and very/ultra-high frequency) tactical communications intelligence (COMINT) products are developed and provided by Southwest Research Institute (SwRI). SwRI provides COMINT and DF (direction-finding) tactical products for a variety of operations, including:

  • Shipboard
  • Submarine

The products incorporate SwRI's rich and field-proven technology for both HF and V/UHF applications. The products include both sensors and antennas, which, when paired together, create an end-to-end COMINT/DF system.

DF Antennas

The SwRI DF antennas provide world class DF accuracy, when paired with a SwRI sensor. The antennas are offered in a variety of form factors to match different concepts of operation, from permanent, ruggedized installations to temporary, rapid setup/tear-down situations. SwRI is able to tailor existing antenna products to unique platform constraints, while maintaining exceptional DF accuracy across a wide frequency range and full 360° azimuth.

Sensor Products

SwRI sensors are based on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware components, which reduces cost and increases modularity and flexibility. As such, the sensors can be tailored to meet specific program requirements for size, weight, power, and performance. The sensor products range from miniaturized, lightweight units with focused processing to larger sensors with the full SwRI suite of capabilities.

Key features of the tactical products are highlighted in the following list.

  • HF and V/UHF operations
  • Prosecution of conventional, low probability of intercept (LPI), and signal types such as short-duration signals (SDS) and long-duration signals (LDS)
  • Field configurable
  • Automatic and manual missions
  • Mature operator display suite
  • Staring or frequency scanning modes
  • Direction finding and geolocation
  • Wideband and narrowband processing
  • Automatic signal recognition, demodulation, and decoding
  • Post-processing signal analysis tools
  • Data mining and mission storage
  • Local and remote tasking and configuration
  • Geolocation/fixing
  • Stand-alone or networked operations
  • Novel DF antennas for low visible signature missions
  • Built-in-test and health and status