NPSS® Consortium FAQ
Numerical Propulsion System Simulation
(NPSS®) Consortium

Below are frequently asked questions you may have about NPSS®. If you have a specific question that you cannot find on our website or forums, please feel free to contact us directly.>

What is NPSS?

NPSS stands for Numerical Propulsion System Simulation. It is an advanced object oriented, non-linear thermodynamic modeling environment. It isused by the aerospace industry for modeling turbo-machinery, rocket engines, ecs systems, ducting, vapor cycles, etc. Visit our About section for more information or contact us directly. Download a printable version of "What is NPSS?".

How do I get NPSS and who can use it?

Anyone who works for consortium member companies can obtain it through their local NPSS representatives. A commercial version is available for purchase or an academic license is available at reduced rate at
David Ransom, Manager, Propulsion & Energy Machinery, Mechanical Engineering
(210) 522-5281,

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