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Press Releases

08/04/2014 NASA's IBEX and Voyager spacecraft drive advances in outer heliosphere research

Outer heliosphere studies shedding light on Earth’s home in the solar system

07/31/2014 SwRI-led team’s research shows giant asteroids battered early Earth

Impacts melted, mixed and buried portions of Earth’s surface more than four billion years ago.

07/24/2014 Two employees earn SwRI’s first 50-year service recognition

First time in SwRI 67-year history for two staff members to reach half century milestone

07/23/2014 SwRI receives $1.8 million DOE contract award to demonstrate hydrogen compression

Project Aims to Advance Hydrogen Production and Delivery Technologies

07/22/2014 SwRI to lead separation technology joint industry project

Program will combine industry knowledge and resources to advance research for better equipment and test protocols

07/15/2014 New Heavy Article Test facility now available for use at Southwest Research Institute

Facility will enhance SwRI's structural engineering program

07/11/2014 SwRI's Dedicated EGR® technology wins prestigious R&D 100 Award

New engine design improves fuel economy and lowers exhaust emissions

07/08/2014 Laboratory models suggest that stretching forces shaped Jupiter Moon's surface

Ganymede grooves similar to Earth tectonic process

07/02/2017 Technical paper earns SwRI automotive engineers prestigious SAE award

Prestigious SAE International Harry L. Horning Memorial Award presented to SwRI

06/24/2014 SwRI and UTSA researchers to advance clean emissions, explore novel antimicrobials

Two new joint research projects each awarded one year, $125,000 funding