Advanced science.  Applied technology.

Senior Specialist: GS-07F-6087P

QUALIFICATIONS: Five to seven years in a Specialist Support position. A four-year degree in a relevant field and five years of directly applicable experience is necessary. Completion of promotion/project management courses or advanced degree in field of specialization desirable. Specialized senior-level skills in specific area. Supervise effectively, coordinate and manage special projects and have superior communication and interpersonal skills. Provide expert independent advice to senior management. Supervises and trains subordinate staff.

RESPONSIBILITIES: Responsible for control of classified document inventory for individual projects. Must have a security clearance from the specific project sponsors at the highest level of classified material held by the project. Maintains a log of incoming and outgoing documents. Documents may arrive via courier, the US mail system, or the secure facsimile system. Maintains a log of SwRI-generated classified material. Assures the proper wrapping and marking, as well as transmission means, is used when sending out classified material.