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Calibration & Testing


SwRI has developed world-class space science laboratories that support the design and testing of instruments and spacecraft used in major missions. From small satellites to instruments used on deep space missions, we have a variety of advanced capabilities to help government and commercial spaceflight clients prepare equipment for the harsh environment of space.


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Services and Capabilities

  • Ultra-High Vacuum facilities for Electron, Ion, and Neutral calibration, UV calibration, Mass spec testing
  • Thermal vacuum and thermal balance testing
  • Vibration & pyro-shock testing
  • EMI/EMC evaluations
  • RF chambers
  • Burn-in facilities
  • General purpose optical and optical detector research, test, and development lab.
  • Bruker FTIR spectrometer for probing ice surfaces during substrate exposure to ions, gases and volatiles.
  • Planetary Atmosphere Simulation Laboratory with Gas Chromatography capabilities.
  • Time-of-Flight Instrumentation Laboratory