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The Space Support Systems and Software Section at Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) is developing the next evolution of integrated space systems using web-Java™-database technologies. Recent advances in Internet, database software, and Java technology allow for the development of new types of support systems–ranging from ground support systems to project management systems. These systems are accessible from any computer using any web browser. This "web-enabled" approach to all types of systems that support space missions is the next generation in system evolution and provides a host of benefits to planning, operations and science teams participating in space missions.

Using these technologies to provide any kind of system support to space missions yields great advantages in the areas of project cost, efficiency, versatility, and capability, which ultimately produces more system capability and saves money for science analysis. Specialized computers are not required, and the main system server and database can be run on numerous operating systems and database architectures. Using a database to store science and engineering data provides a variety of ways to access, combine, filter, correlate and download data sets. Secure access to the system can take place from any web-enabled computer.

Technical Strengths

  • Existing Web-Java-Database Systems
    • Science Instrument Ground Support Systems
    • Science Instrument Mission Planning Systems
    • Spacecraft Operations and Planning Systems
    • Action Item Management Systems (Project Management)
    • Risk Management Systems (Project Management)
    • Non-Conformance Management Systems (Project Management)
    • Calibration Management Systems (Science Instrument Calibration and Data Access)
  • Java System Design and Development
  • Spacecraft Modeling Systems
  • Real-Time Telemetry Systems
  • Database Design and Development
  • Web Page Design and Development
  • Project Support System  (PSS)
  • Project Information Management System (PIMS)