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Our engineers use ultrasonic technology to evaluate government infrastructure, utility infrastructure, pipelines and aircraft components. We apply conventional, magnetically induced velocity-change (MIVC) techniques, ultrasonic imaging and cylindrically guided waves.

NDE with Ultrasonics

  • Conventional ultrasonics
  • Magnetically induced velocity-change (MIVC) techniques
  • Ultrasonic imaging
  • Guided waves

Ultrasonics Projects

Successful ultrasonic NDE projects have focused on applications including:

  • Government infrastructure
  • Utility infrastructure
  • Pipelines
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Military aircraft components

Ultrasonics Capabilities and Past Projects

Selected ultrasonics capabilities and projects include:

  • Cylindrically guided wave techniques (CGWT™) system
  • Evaluation of CGWT for corrosion detection in all-thread bolts
  • NDE methods for detecting high-cycle fatigue
  • Enhanced data acquisition system (EDAS®)
  • Enhanced data acquisition system (EDAS®-IV)
  • Reactor pressure vessel inservice inspection system
  • Autogrid system for ultrasonic inspection